Felt boots are a kind of true art, especially when they are miraculously hand painted. Miloslava, a craftswoman from Moscow, has dedicated her creative nature to valenki (traditional Russian felted boots), this charming mean of warming feet in cold winters.

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As the author says, ‘Valenki are an incredibly “live” precious presented to us by Nature with love to each living creature. Their true value is humaneness as no animal is killed in the production process, only shear is used. Such a positive and essential symbiosis tunes the relations with Nature and ourselves!’

It’s difficult not to accept the idea of ‘ethical uniqueness’ of the boots and not to admire their smartness. Well, anyone will be cheered up with an original bright pattern! Natural grey or dyed woolen backgrounds are embellished with applique, embroidery, marvelous Russian national patterns or fabulous pictures. Most of them illustrate fantastic beasts from the depth of forests or funny animals like a melomaniac cat.

Now you’ve learnt the secret what to wear when one’s fastidious feet wish something natural, cute and warming.

More info: livemaster.com