Willow is a little 2-year-old girl from Southern California whose mother, photographer Gina Lee, has given her a big head-start in the Halloween costume competition department by dressing her up in some of the most adorable and creative costumes we’ve ever seen.

October of last year was “Dress Up Willow Month,” and it looks like Lee is extending the tradition to this year as well. Kudos to lee for keeping the costumes creative, too – who would’ve thought that dressing their kid up as the logo for a brand of salt would look so cute? And for some of them, even her dad dresses up to complete the costume.

More info: ginaleephoto.com | Instagram (h/t: huffpost)

A Troll Doll

Frida Kahlo

Elliot from E.T.

Hot Dog On A Stick Uniform

An In-N-Out Employee

Annie and Daddy Warbucks

Pink Lady and T-Bird from Grease


Princess Kate and Prince William

Plus Lt. Dan and Forrest Gump

Olympic Athlete

Gilligan and The Skipper from Gilligan’s Island

Cabbage Patch Kid

The Price Is Right Contestant

A See’s Candies Clerk

The Morton Salt Girl