From time to time I feel the need to drive away from the hustle and bustle of the city and surround myself with the peacefulness and quietness of the countryside. In a small village isolated by the world you don’t feel the passing of time. People wake up with the crowing of a rooster and go on about their daily routine, without feeling overwhelmed by the outer world.

I wanted to show you how life in rural Romania is like and maybe inspire you to take a break from everyday routine and enjoy the small moments of life in an undisturbed setting.

More info:

1. People bake their own bread in wood-fired ovens

2. They also make their own “palinca”, a local brandy obtained from plums

3. High in the mountains shepherds milk their sheep…

4. …and they use the resulting milk to make fresh cheese

5. People ride a horse-drawn cart to travel anywhere

6. Children play from sunrise till dawn on the deserted streets of the village or in the fields

7. Villagers still use traditional farming methods

8. People hand-pick potatoes and other vegetables from their gardens and use them to cook fresh, delicious meals

9. They also gather in local markets to sell their organic products

10. In the summer farmers pile haystacks which are later used to feed the animals

11. Each afternoon people gather in the village to tell their stories to whoever is willing to listen.

12. With the setting of the sun animals come back home after being sent out to pasture

13. On Sunday morning villagers go to church dressed in their best clothes

14. During holidays and celebrations they proudly display their traditional clothes and local customs