On a whim, I started making comics a few years back whenever I had free time on my hands. What initially began as a project conceived out of boredom has since turned into my visual diary of sorts. Whenever I'm on the move, I always make sure to have a small notebook with me so I can jot down the little moments in my life — sometimes awkward, but mostly humorous — and turn them into comics. I hope they bring a little bit of laughter to your day!

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#3 Bugger



Kiahna 1 month ago

I have to take off my glasses when I get in the shower, and I once put them back on after my shower just to realise that there was a GIANT spider in the corner.

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#5 Subway



Lärry 1 month ago

I really try not to stare at someone elses phone, but sometimes it is hard not to. But at least I never comment...

#6 Aging



Lärry 1 month ago

Not my mum with this mask, but me :(

#7 Jealous



Lärry 1 month ago

I can't relate to this one, at all...

#9 Single



Jaina Bartlett 1 month ago

Hah! These are all so funny!