Dogs teach you how to love, but they can't teach you how to stop loving.

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When my friend's dog died, she had a very hard time letting go. Their last months together were extremely harsh, due to the dog's (Igor, The Dandelion Beast) epilepsy, so she decided to reimagine them. She illustrated the happy times they didn't have together. The seizures became puffy clouds and colour bursts, visits to the vet were turned into fun trips, painful treatments and long nights turned into surreal flights and delights. She also accompanied every illustration with a poem she wrote, verses about that specific month.

This is how, month by month, little by little she left the turmoil behind and kept only the gratitude of having such a beautiful dog-friend. 

Her project, #11monthsofhappiness, speaks of letting go, holding on, of pain, love, of lights and shadows. It speaks about friendship at its best. And lastly, it shows us we get to curate our memories. We get to handpick them. We get to make them as sunny as we want to.

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#2 October



Marzo Florida 1 year ago

This is my favourite ♡ its cool and whispy

#7 June



Marzo Florida 1 year ago

I love all the details like the small (yet complex) tattoos on each person