We all have unique eating habits. Whether it’s the way we plate up our food to an undying need to photograph your meal and post it on social media before eating it.

We made these images for Vibrant Doors that outline and illustrate the 11 different types of eaters. From the unbearable Sharers to The Midnight Snacker, we think we’ve covered all the bases.

We’ve made up these illustrated cards that depict each of the 11 types of eater that our studies have found and taken a look at their biggest weaknesses. Have a look through and see what we’ve come up with.

More importantly, what kind of eater are you?

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The Emotional Eater

Weakness: Carbs

One we can all relate to. Whether it’s an ugly breakup, a bad day at work or you watched Forrest Gump again, we’ve all turned to food in times of sadness. This type of eater is likely to be found sobbing into a tub of ice cream, takeaway restaurants on speed dial, surrounded by empty sweet wrappers. Can’t knock this type of eater too much because it’s happened to all of us. Normally results in an endless spiral of shame as you get progressively more upset about the amount of food you have just eaten. If you know an Emotional Eater, give them a hug.

Image credits: www.vibrantdoors.co.uk

The Food Thief

Weakness: Food Envy

The person you least want to sit next to at the table. They order a house salad with a glass of tap water, but eat half of your fries. Don’t take your eyes off these people, they just can’t help themselves. Is there name for food kleptomania? If you are reading this now and are realising you are a food thief, acceptance is the first step. Now, you must seek help and leave us to enjoy our food.

Image credits: www.vibrantdoors.co.uk

The Healthy Eater

Weakness: Spirulina

The type of eater we should all aspire to be, except without the braggadocious holier-than-thou attitude. Yes, we get that you’re super healthy. No, we don’t want to know about it. These are the people who get up at 5am to smash a spirulina, bee pollen and matcha smoothie before their daily morning run. They come into work with their salad bowl and tell you how much sugar is in the fruit juice you’re drinking whilst drawing attention to how many different superfoods they have in their lunch. If eating that healthy makes you that insufferable, we’ll stick to the burgers, thanks.

Image credits: www.vibrantdoors.co.uk

The Messy Eater

Weakness: Aim

A spillage here or there is to be expected when you settle in to eat your dinner. It’s why we’ll take a tray if we’re going to eat our dinner in front of the TV. However, The Messy Eater really steps it up a notch. The kind of people that see their hands as cutlery and have a distinct lack of motor skills. Never give a Messy Eater spaghetti bolognese, you’ll be cleaning up the stains for weeks. Just give them some toast and water and provide a bib.

Image credits: www.vibrantdoors.co.uk

The Midnight Snacker

Weakness: Cravings

The Midnight Snacker is attracted to the glow of the fridge like a moth to a flame. They’ll be lying in bed, stomach grumbling, and they’ll hear the ice cream in the freezer calling out their name. They’ll wheel out the old adage that you should never go to sleep hungry and creep downstairs under the cover of darkness to sate their hunger. Nothing is safe from the Midnight Snacker. Were you saving those leftovers for work tomorrow? Looking forward to eating that cake in the fridge? Not any more.

Image credits: www.vibrantdoors.co.uk

The Over-Enthusiastic Eater

Aim: Spice

We all know someone like this. The Over-Enthusiastic Eater always has something to prove. They’ve attempted every food challenge in your area and have completed none. They order a vindaloo every time you go for a curry and chastise everyone for ordering anything milder. They then proceed to sweat buckets whilst tears stream down their face. You can try and offer them some milk, but they won’t take it. If you’re an Over-Enthusiastic Eater, keep doing you, you provide the entertainment for the rest of us. Please just be aware that we are all laughing at you, and not with you.

Image credits: www.vibrantdoors.co.uk

The Slow n’ Steady Eater

Weakness: Chewing

The Slow n’ Steady Eater hasn’t been invited out to dinner in a while. They eat so slowly that you begin to consider whether this is some kind of performance art. You’ve finished your starter twenty minutes ago, but here they are, taking their third bite of their first calamari ring. You now remember why you don’t invite them out anywhere. This is a good time to employ the skills of The Food Thief to help them out.

Image credits: www.vibrantdoors.co.uk

The Critic

Weakness: Fennel Dust

You’ll never roll your eyes more than when you’re out for dinner with The Critic. After they’ve studied every wine on the menu in detail, just to choose the house red like everyone else, comes the rigorous examination of their food. They get out their magnifying glass and inspect their dinner closely. They are never happy with what they’ve just eaten. They will also let you know exactly why they aren’t happy. The steak was cooked for 5 seconds too long on one side or their vegetables weren’t sliced correctly. They’ll also spend the meal telling you about their travels or how Jordan Peterson’s book changed their life. Unless you like such mindnumbingly dull conversation topics, avoid The Critics at all costs.

Image credits: www.vibrantdoors.co.uk

The Instagrammer

Weakness: Elaborate Piping

The Instagrammers have grown exponentially in the last decade and there’s no end in sight. The people that order a deconstructed coffee, take a picture and just drink the tap water instead. Do they actually enjoy their food? Do they actually eat it? The Instagrammers often cross over with The Healthy Eaters who share pictures of their raw vegan low-carb organic poke bowl that they spent 2 hours presenting and 10 minutes eating. Instagrammers often move in packs and you’ll see their fellow food pic enthusiasts in the background also duly snapping away at their food. Put the phone down, and eat your food.

Image credits: www.vibrantdoors.co.uk

The Seperator

Weakness: Runny Sauce

This is the guy who used to pretend they were a tractor on the school playground. They tell you to say ‘toast’ if you step on three drains and they’ll use some of the sanitiser they always carry around after you shake their hand. These people can’t let any of the different food items on their plate touch and eat them individually, in a specific order. They’ve been doing this since they were a toddler. They will always do this. There’s no convincing them that you can have more than one food in your mouth at the same time and enjoy it.

Image credits: www.vibrantdoors.co.uk

The Sharers

Weakness: Sharing Platters

The absolute worst type of eater. They feed each other mouthfuls of their food over the table and slurp noisily on a milkshake with two straws. It’s so funny, they can’t stop laughing. They take breaks from shoving food in each other’s faces to kiss each other loudly. For prolonged periods of time. You’re not sure they’ve finished chewing. You’ve now been put off your dinner. Don’t get us wrong, sharing food isn’t always bad, tapas restaurants are built on sharing food. But The Sharers take this to new extremes. If you want to be this weird, do it in private.

Image credits: www.vibrantdoors.co.uk