Every day millions of shelter cats are being put to sleep due to the overcrowded shelters world wide.

I am Monty and I was rescued by a non-kill cat shelter. I was waiting a long time to be adopted because of my different appearance, I wasn’t perfect in the traditional breed pure cat kinda way… But I finally got a wonderful furever family and now I want to give you 10 reasons why you should adopt a shelter cat!

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1. They are self cleaning

We shelter cats are often self cleaning. We love to take long bath with our very efficient cleaning device called tongue. This is what I do about two hours a day. I want to look good for my humans!

2. They love your natural smell

I know this sounds a bit weird but we just love the smells of our humans! My daddy’s feet are the best! They smell so good!

3. They make sure you don’t overheat

Of course we take good care of our humans. That is why I help my daddy not to overeat.

4. You will always have someone to talk to

I just love to talk! Meow! (means “give me tuna”)

5. You will have someone helping in the office

I can tell you that if you adopt a shelter cat, you get someone to help in the office. Here I am answering emails!

6. You will have someone protecting you from furry bears

It is a myth that only dogs can protect you! Me doing the ninja style on a fuzzy creepy cat bear!

7. You will learn how to massage

Haven’t you always wanted to learn how to give a really good massage? My daddy has become so good!

8. Your legs will probably never get cold again

Are you struggling with cold legs? A shelter cat will warm your legs forever and ever…

9. You will get some exercise

Because I take such good care of my human, I exercise with him every day! I will tell him to lift me up in the closet and two minutes after I want to get down again. This can go on for hours!

10. You will change the world for your new friend and you will be furever loved in return

I was sitting at a cat shelter for a long time, just waiting for someone to take me home.. It is so sad to think about how many homeless cats in shelters there are sitting right this minute, just waiting for a family. You will save two lives when you adopt a shelter cat! The one you take home and the other one who can move in. I will love my daddy furever!

You can’t buy love… You can rescue it!