I’m Davide Sasso and I’m a photographer. I’ve just finished my photographic project called “Cloud Catchers”.

I’ve always enjoyed looking at the sky, especially when there are those beautiful cotton clouds.

I have always loved them, they remind me a lot of those japanese anime that inspired me during the shots.

Especially the last Hayao Miyazaki’s film “The Wind Rises” motivated me and was a great inspiration for me, I was always amazed during the scenes in the sky.

I took most of the photos during the sunset, the best time for me to take these types of photos. I used my Reflex and sometimes even my smartphone. Now the technology is so advanced that every device is able to take more than dignified photos at a qualitative level. Then it is up to our eyes to make the difference.

Very often we do not notice so much beauty, we should learn to look up sometimes.

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