Everyone likes cake. I mean … chocolate or vanilla, with fondant or fruits on top. These cakes, however, will make you think twice before you eat them.

Cake is often served on joyous occasions, such as birthdays, weddings and baby showers. More often than not, a cake may appear not well crafted on the outside, but at the same time it may taste wonderful.

I don’t know about the taste, but there is something very disturbing in the decoration of these cakes. Some of them are weird, others – completely gross.

Just imagine if there is a mix-up at the bakery and you get one of these for your daughter’s birthday …..

Dare to try it?

Credit: http://thecraftycriter.blogspot.com

Is this for a baby shower?

Credit: http://www.idads.co.uk

……. WTF ???

Credit: http://amebobook.com

Strawberries with insects

Credit: http://i2.asntown.net

Happy Birthday Hubby

Credit: http://singaporemotherhood.com/forum/threads/cup-cakes-for-birthday.5877/page-287

Ashes cake

Credit: http://cdn3.shoppersbase.com

Who ordered this ?

Credit: http://4.bp.blogspot.com

Well crafted and Disgusting

Credit: http://www.stylist.co.uk


Credit: http://img.cakesdecor.com


Credit: http://www.technocrazed.com