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Worst Twitter Complaints About Christmas Gifts

Jon Hendren is re-tweeting all the ridiculous complaints made by people who didn’t get what they wanted for Christmas. He used Twitter search strings like: ”not getting,” “iPod,” “iPhone,” “iPad,” or “Car” which return all these horrible comments about Christmas and the worst parents in the world. I really hope these people are kidding.

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  • Francois

    I’m not an Apple fanboy anymore !

  • Nick Leggio

    I hate Steve Jobs now.

  • Cedura

    Noticing that 95% of these are teens and preteens… why do they feel so entitled… Obviously this is the fault of their parents and a culture that teaches them that they get what ever they ask/demand to get.

  • Burizon Kukuruku

    just lol… and here we have new generation of selfish ignorants ^^

  • Carla

    26 out of 34 of these tweets are about apple products… Either all these people are greedy little Apple wannabes or this is some spoofy marketing ploy by Apple. Either way, fuck all you little whiners – earn some dollar and then but your own toys!

  • Poopypantspoo2

    wow what a bunch of babies. a car isint something you get for a present. its something you earn by working and buying it on your own. stupid spoiled kids these days. there are people out there who dont even get to spend christmas cuz no money or no family. be happy and thankful for what youve got!

  • Mandy Kilinskis

    This is disgusting. What’s wrong with people? I didn’t get a car, iPad, MacBook, or iPhone for Christmas, and I’m totally okay with it. The world is still good. And I got some really great presents.

  • Fssfffdsfddf

    They are all just spoiled kids

  • Dhill1212

    Who are these entitled brats with vocabulary to match their attitudes? They all deserve a swift kick in the behind have any Christmas gifts taken from them & returned!

    • Dragoness


  • Dhill1212

    Remember the search parameters were very specific. I’d bet similarly whiny ungrateful brats could found if the search included Nike, Lakers, Heat etc.

  • me

    Most of the posts on this website are interesting art or things to make me see the world in a new way or just plain entertaining. This post was annoying and superficial. What was the point? I’m a little disappointed. 

  • Wobbuffet

    We have adverts to name…car ads showing someone getting this fully loaded car complete with a bow on top for xmas….very unrealistic …

    Those brats should be smacked lol

  • Marina

    As someone who is in the age group of the people who posted these tweets, I’m actually ashamed. I’m 14 and I’ve worked for my stuff. Why are people so ungrateful these days? Presents cost money and when I do get presents, I’m grateful. It’s a nice gesture that someone would actually spend their money on me. Also, the people who complain about the color of the item, you can exchange it for the other color! Just be happy that you got a nice electronic. Or be happy that your parents can afford to get you nice gifts. 

    • Bailey Yelle

       You are the kind of teenager every teenager should be.

    • Eve

      Calm down = u =.. they are just kids.. I’m still grateful since i know there are some people who actually have grown up. Like you all here ;3 .. I get annoyed sometimes too by how our generations seems too spoiled. I’m afraid to try to change them because they get annoyed easily if we say they are too spoiled with their parent’s fortune. I never satisfied too :3 .. I wish there is a sketch book where i can write and draw as much as i can without buying a new one = w = .. A…. Or a lot of free times so i can practice then i can try to make savings for the future = u = ….

      • T.J.

        Maybe learn to talk in complete sentences first. You know, punctuation, nouns, verbs, a subject matter, etc. Your generation depresses me with your short-hand and lack of a vocabulary.

    • Michelle

      I agree! I’m 14 too and my family’s pretty much broke. The most expensive gift I got was a 14 dollar pair of headphones. I am grateful for every present I get because they put so much effort and love into buying and making them. I think these people need to appreciate what they have and focus more on family.

  • Mark Dizon

    :( I regret buying my ipod because of this…. I should’ve gotten something intelligent instead, like a new violin or something…

  • Charlie

    Sometimes I’m ashamed to be part of this generation -.-

    • AKgrown

      Me too.

      • Randomness :)

        Me three

  • Cody Stipp

    I know the shawn McMaster kid and it was just a joke now its all over the web.

  • steff

    OMG!! Reading this is making me sad – people just don’t get, what christmas is about!
    Why are people soooooooo focused on material stuff???
    I didn’t get an iphone, nor a car – but still it was the most beautiful christmas I EVER had, since it was the first time since AGES, that my family was together on one table, without argueing, without shouting or blaming each other… we just ate dinner together… and I am so grateful for this!!!!

  • Веста Владимирова

    I’m 17 .I didn’t get anything for Christmas.I’m no mad about it or anything.I’m happy beacuase I have everything I need and I am not greedy for more.I don’t get it – AREN’T HESE KIDS EVEN ASHAMED TO POST STUFF LIKE THAT?! ….

  • *ShadowDragon*

    Wow. Just wow.

    First of all, why is everyone complaining about not getting an Iphone? Whats so reat about them!?!? Second of all, some people actually DO get Iphone and complain about the COLOR!?!?! Third of all, a car for Christmas? Really?… Fourth of all, they should be glad to have presents at ALL. Fourth of all…. are the really that immature? Fifth of all, using bad words because you didn’t get what you wanted?
    I could go on all day, but I’ll end here.
    This year, I’ve been telling my family I don’t need any presents at all. It is the best present of all simply to have Christmas with my family around me.

    • *ShadowDragon*

      Seirously. I’m years younger then those teens and I don’t whine like that! If they want to get something, save up for it, don’t just whine and whine and force your family to do it! Your family works hard for you and loves you. Why treat them like that?

  • AKgrown

    Seriously, this is ridiculous!! Since when do people expect things for Christmas that they demand? And wtf gives all these people the right to throw a fit??? So wrong. My family raised me better than that. Hell, one year we were so broke we gave eachother clippings from magazines of the things we wished we could get one another. That was one of the best Christmases ever!!

  • Ciarán

    I’ve just come up with an alternative to FML. FMG; Fuck My Generation.

  • Randomness :)

    Tell me about it!!!!

  • SL

    As a person from this generation, I hope that these people one day run out of money and see how it is. The economy sucks, and while little children aren’t making a noise about the chances of them having a meal tonight or sleeping on the streets, these little shits are complaining about items that cost 200 at a minimum to around 1000 (ipod) and even worse, 6000 (lowest price) for a car, OR they are complaining about getting the white Iphone instead of the black, and if they got the right colour, the gB on it, and if everything is good, they complain about not getting a car. Also, do you see how they treat their parents that might not’ve been able to afford the gift, or might feel that it is not necassary. Honestly, if my child told me that (when I have), I would give them a backhand for Christmas

  • Andrea

    Get a job, people!

  • Andrea

    Get a job, people!

  • Stewart


  • zeldaloverfon

    WOW why cant kids be happy with what they have now -.-

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