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Dizzying Photos of Ukrainian Daredevil Hanging from Tall Buildings

Eastern Europeans must have altered adrenaline glands! It hasn’t been long since we shared heart-stopping photos of Russian skywalkers, and this time it’s a former legal adviser Pavel from Ukraine that stops traffic and leaves people in awe. A 26-year-old rooftopper from Kiev, better known as Mustang Wanted, has shocked the world with the pictures of him holding on to various high-rise building with just one hand. It’s hard to believe, but Pavel doesn’t use any safety gear nor ropes.

Even though his pictures and videos might make some heads spin, Mustang Wanted himself claims that he never feels any fear: “Sometimes I think that I’m a robot. I do not feel anything,” he says. Which does seem to be quite true, seeing how Pavel manages to make all these tricks look effortless in the pictures.

It appears that most of the appreciation for the hobby comes from knowing that he is able to do just anything he wants: “Death is not the worst thing that can happen. Everyone dies – but not everyone lives the way they want. If you are afraid of everything – you must live in a sterile laboratory.” Take note, however, that he does not advice anyone to try doing it themselves!

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Mustang Wanted on 150 meter crane

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  • Puguh Rahardjo via Facebook

    Gelo siaahhhhh!!!

  • Scott Blodgett via Facebook

    My palms were sweating just looking at these! Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh… thud!

  • Zeinab Daouhany

    J’ai la trouille!

  • Branislav Dinic

    The photographer is even craisier….

  • Steady Ska via Facebook

    watching the video … it turns my stomach … o.0

  • James Banks via Facebook

    If parents hugged their children more often, they’re wouldn’t be so many idiots.

  • Anibal E. Quinones

    The photographer is just in it for the day he snaps the pic where he falls.

  • Ell Nil via Facebook

    Fear is real and it activates a certain part of the brain in order to keep YOU safe. There has been studies that show that in some people those areas are not activated by fear so the mechanism cannot operate properly. It is a brain malfunction whether we like it or not. These people don’t feel fear because they have a real problem, not because they carry balls of steel. Balls of steel carry people that SAY they are scared out of their minds but then GO ahead and do it for a good cause. Not just for the fun of it. Don’t mistake conceptions.

  • Claude Benoitàlaguillaume via Facebook

    Elles sont complètement débiles ces photos! C’est quoi cette surenchère dans la prise de risque médiatisé?? N’importe quoi!

  • Christine Khweled via Facebook

    This makes me ill just looking at the pics…. Seriously this guy is nutzzzz!!

  • Julie Walls via Facebook


  • Chenah Bokovich

    тупой, бессмысленный риск

  • Guilherme Azevedo via Facebook


  • Steve Carr

    Wow I feel a little dizzy just looking at these images. Crazy! But quite amazing at the same time. Not for me, I’ll just look from my safe desk lol. Might sit on the edge if I’m feeling brave ;)

  • Pavel Votkin

    This is so fucking stupid.

  • 轩 楚

    I just want to know who is that guy

  • bandcamp.nickfishermusic

    This is just kicking mud in lifes face. Utter disrespect.

  • PeteyGLaFlare

    How about no