What's the fun in using a plain old boring tea infuser? If you're a fan of tea, you'll love these creative tea infusers!

Statistically speaking, you probably are a tea drinker since tea is the most popular drink in the world (yes, even more than coffee). Most people use tea bags if they want to drink some tea on the run, but if you really want to enjoy the good stuff, then it's loose leaf or nothing.

Vote for your favorite infusers and add new ones to this list!

#4 Sharky Tea Infuser

Sharky Tea Infuser Sharky Tea Infuser

Pablo Matteoda Report

AnnaBērziņa 1 year ago

I have one like this, does the job quite well actually :)

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#6 Sweet Tea Infuser

Sweet Tea Infuser

amazon.com Report

Louisa 1 year ago

Looks yummy!! :)

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#9 Duckie Tea Infuser

Duckie Tea Infuser Duckie Tea Infuser

amazon.com Report

HuggyMarquis 1 year ago

I love the stand idea!

#10 Robot Tea Infuser

Robot Tea Infuser

amazon.com Report

KlaraDanielsson 1 year ago

I've got this! It's really good and absolutely adorable.

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#11 Cat Tea Infuser

Cat Tea Infuser

amazon.com Report

Nora 1 year ago

Love this one but the fish is too heavy so I replaced it with lighter infuser... Love the cat!

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#12 Manatea Tea Infuser

Manatea Tea Infuser

amazon.com Report

RaakheeSuryaprakash 1 year ago

love this name!

#13 Octopus Tea Infuser

Octopus Tea Infuser

amazon.com Report

DonnaMuhich 5 months ago

So cute...

#16 Tea.tanic


teatanic.de Report

DanteStone 1 year ago

Tragedy + Time = Tea.

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#17 Teapot Tea Infuser

Teapot Tea Infuser

amazon.com Report

AnnaHolm 1 year ago

I have this one :D is so very cute

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#19 Owl Tea Infuser

Owl Tea Infuser

etsy.com Report

SarahDurston 1 year ago

I want the cup and saucer!!!!

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