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20 Dream-Like Photo Manipulations by Caras Ionut

Some photography purists resent photo manipulation, but others enjoy how it has opened up photography to new people and new ideas. Caras Ionut is a Romanian photographer and digital artist who makes a great case for digital art and photography. He has created an extensive body of images that are beautiful, enchanting – and impossible.

Ionut says that his imagination and his work are captivated by dreams and by the autumn and winter seasons. Although positive dreams are a big theme in his work, he says he also likes “to visit the darker side of what people may see of dreams, not necessarily what one would see as negative, but possibly a dream that one could not quite understand or may feel alone.”

He does a pretty good job of creating a dream-like mood in his works. The combination of soft and hazy colors with often impossible subjects makes for beautiful compositions.

One interesting note is that, besides just offering prints of his beautiful works on his website, Ionut also offers numerous Photoshop tutorials and classes. If you like his work or if you’d like some help with trying to create images of your own dreams, we suggest checking him out! Or if you’re looking for other similarly surreal digital artworks, check out these photo manipulations by Erik Johansson.


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  • Juliana Gomes de Sousa


  • Niels Selleslach

    Simply stunning work!

  • Kathleen Finn

    Wow!!! Magnifique!!!

  • Farrukh Ahmed

    Loredana-Laura Panescu ( pictre by romanian photographer)

  • Hélène Tinky-Pinky
    • Nikolay S. Kolev

      Reminds me of The Fall a little bit, too.

  • Sli Ba


  • Jeanne Deaux

    Ca fait rêver…

  • Nancey Meston

    Oh my, visualizing dreams with incredible imagination.

  • Pâmela Borges


  • Nikolay S. Kolev

    This website never ceases to amaze me.

  • Karin Schurian Rosenø

    Love them!

  • ”Justin Sane”

    How about plugging your head into a USB port in your pillow that caught your dreams on a storage drive.

  • Roma Lilcurly Johnson

    How unusual xx

  • Sara Blüme

    Pernilla Kullmer

  • Danelle Durante Hess

    LO Nicole

  • Millicent Broderick


  • Jeanette Mayland

    Beautiful work

  • Teresa Marie Delagarza


  • Yury Cleandro

    Tayane de Paula, this post reminds me of you :P

    • Tayane de Paula

      Cool! Most dreams can be much better than reality right Yury Cleandro? ;)

    • Yury Cleandro

      so true, I wish I could take pictures of all my good dreams…

  • Carol Diane Neiler


  • Sanna Daw

    I love these photos / creations. Takes you into a different realm.

  • Mbahell


  • Vivian Murray


  • Pondi

    Neat, but the elephant in one of the first pictures is missing the end of her tail…

  • Amy Stratton

    far too much like dreams that I have…

  • Melissa R. Carrion

    those were gorgeous and awesome!

  • Lindi Esperanza

    Magical <3

  • Yuvia Jiménez

    Oli Ramirez

  • Lucius Pengel


  • Kathleen Tirpak

    awesome !!

  • Jeanette Roberts


  • Monika Monk Fritze


  • Georgia Simon

    Bravo Caras Ionut! Superbe!

  • Marta Moszyńska


  • Lucas Pigatin

    Aline Pigatin Lucas Chiari Francieli Moraes Silvia Rodrigues olha isso que bacana!

  • Aririkito Zudo Tadorin

    Carmen Chew

  • Cynthia Rovati

    yes!..I suppose the closest to that are artistic abilities…

  • Nika Kobielka

    last night I dreamt of party night with the Rolling Sttones, that could be something worth photographing ;)

  • Ruth Rogers

    Fabulous pictures …the elephant is my favourite

  • Beata Es

    Paula Tschy aww :D

  • Janice Jones


  • Felicia Coteanu

    Proud of him, Romanian artist!

  • Annika Andurén

    Sofia Gynther

  • Panda

    I mean… some are pretty good. But in all honesty the large majority of them aren’t very “stunning” or “breathtaking” or even all that above average. There are a multitude of errors that show an armature’s work. Sizing, placement, understanding the concept of depth, etc. While I do appreciate the effort and the concept behind each image, I don’t see anything special or noteworthy here. Just someone that’s been playing with photoshop after they learned how to layer images.

    • joe

      “Armature’s” ?….you have the temerity to slag off the pictures yet leave a statement full of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes…what is it like to be such a clever bastard ?

  • Tello Bronde
  • Kari Ønvik Pedersen

    Løfter hverdagen!

  • Janki Tanda

    dream on sea bream

  • Jake Heintz

    Jordan Davis thought you might like this

  • Natalia Rozenberg