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Shake: Slow Motion Photos Of Dogs Shaking Their Heads Published As Book

Just yesterday, award-winning U.S. photographer and animal trainer Carli Davidson published her book “Shake.” The much-awaited photo collection features close-up portraits of dogs in all of their drooling glory.

The series is hilarious because it gives us an unexpected (and funny-looking) glance at the subjects’ personalities. She gets the dogs to sit and shake for the shots by playing and rolling around with them and by wetting their heads so that they’d have a reason to shake. And that’s when the magic happens – lips smack, ears flop, and drool flies.

Davidson captures these weird and wonderful shots by shooting with specialized high-speed camera equipment in a studio setting – including a camera that shoots at 10 frames a second and lights that can illuminate a subject 13,000 times a second.

She began her work with animals at the Oregon Zoo by photographing birds of prey, and now does freelance work photographing animals for both commercial and individual clients. You can find a lot more of her great work with animals at her website.

We wrote about Davidson’s work with slobbering dogs a couple of years ago. Now that she’s published her book, we’ve taken this opportunity to revisit her work. Take a look!

Source: Carli Davidson | Book available on Amazon.

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    How is 10 frames a second “specialised”? My camera shoots 300 frames per second.