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Heart-stopping Photos of Russian Daredevils Taken Without Any Safety Equipment

Be it climbing up as high as a 380-meter crane or a 22-storey building – two young Russians have got it all, and more, on their cameras. Vitaly Raskalov and Alexander Remnov call themselves skywalkers, and take incredible, vertigo-inducing pictures of each other on top of the highest buildings in Moscow and some other cities in Russia.

Armed with no special protective equipment but a camera, these thrill-seekers plank on top of the Russian Academy of Sciences or enjoy a nocturnal panorama from a turret in the Kiev railway station just for a good shot. It’s hard to imagine what these guys feel, when their pictures are enough to make one dizzy.

Posting in his blog, Vitaly was extremely happy about conquering the tower of the Moscow State University, which is generally protected with security cameras and special entry codes:

“For three years, I thought that it is impossible to get here, but as they say – everything is possible, the main thing is to want it bad enough.”

Beautiful, but don’t take this as an encouragement!

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