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Extreme Plane Landings at Maho Beach, Saint Martin

You’d expect a typical beach to be a nice and quiet haven to relax and chill – but tourists flood the Maho Beach on the Saint Martin island to get exactly the opposite. The beach on the Dutch side of the Caribbean islands is known for all the low-flying airliners, which fly so closely above the beach that people can actually be blown into the water because of the jet blast (or that’s at least what the local government signs warn you about).

Local Princess Juliana International Airport is not only really close to the beach, but also has an unusually short runway of only 7,150 feet (2180 meters). In order to complete a smooth landing, the aircraft gets as close to the beginning of the Runway 10 as possible – and ends up flying right over the heads of eager tourists, directing their cameras towards the impressive sight.

The plane spotting has become so popular that the local residents have even developed a whole infrastructure around it: the beach bar owners put up boards with timetables of the arrivals and departures so that people could plan their time; one of the bars even broadcasts real-time radio transmissions between the airport’s control tower and and the aircraft. How many roaring airlines over your head would you handle in one day?

Source: wikipedia…/Maho_Beach via: twistedsifter

Image credits: Benny Zheng

image credits: Kent Miller

image credits: Fabi Fliervoet

Image credits: Mitchell Weinstock

image credits: Fyodor Borisov

image credits: fussball_89

image credits: sxmloulou

KLM Boeing 747 Landing

Girl Gets Blown Away by Jet Plane Blast on Beach

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  • Natasha IntotheWild via Facebook

    Hope that girl didn’t break her neck!

  • อัญชลี เพคคาลา อิ่นอ้าย via Facebook

    holy cow!

  • Hà Ngọc Long via Facebook


  • Joel J. Rogina via Facebook

    This beach, has long been on my list of places to visit before I die!! There is another island down there, that has one of the shortest runways in the world, that I guess is quite exciting to fly into.

  • Vh Hurtado via Facebook

    It kinda looks that way in Vegas

  • Steff Herudek via Facebook

    I used to know a guy who worked as a flight attendant on that route… he said it was great fun. Then again, the guy was batsh!t crazy.

  • Jan Derksen via Facebook

    we stayed in this hotel. for a few days…

  • Corinne Senior via Facebook

    Yup, that’s Saba: beautiful island

  • Brittany Michele via Facebook

    got to be really loud

  • Miguel Mellet via Facebook

    Everything is fun and games until crap his the fan…but I would do anyways

  • Jannes Callebaut via Facebook

    I’be been there last month!
    It’s pretty damn cool!
    The take-off is even cooler, you almost get blown from the beach! :)

  • Daniel Werner via Facebook

    kick off start in wind-surfing? :D

  • Raimonda Adomaviciene via Facebook

    Kai pirmakart pamaciau antra nuotrauka, maniau- montazas… Pasirodo- tikra…
    When I saw the second picture I thought it was fake, but it turns out, its real…

  • Jennifer Scotto-Robinson via Facebook

    Insane!! But cool at the same time. LOL

  • Elaine Michel via Facebook

    not very good for your lungs!

  • Paul Castellanos via Facebook

    too bad no one did a Harlem shake version here

  • Steve Wrobel via Facebook

    Probably don’t have to deal with those pesky seagulls ;)

  • Josephine Tam via Facebook

    Blimey… Finally somewhere worse than the previous old Hong Kong airport! Though apparently it is always the pilot’s dream/ challenge to master this kind of landing skill!

  • Lilian van Engelen-Kramer via Facebook

    I was there in March. To be honest, I feel much safer in airplanes since I was there. Planes have been taking off and landing there for years without problems, so why would I be afraid?

  • Kitty Willemse via Facebook

    It’s extremely unsafe, but it’s sooo much fun! I got blown into the ocean and stripped off my bikini, while taking photos of the other peeps. Think twice before trying to pose with a taking off plane. Regret nothing!!! Must see.

  • Mellissa Darr Roy via Facebook

    If you watch the travel channel they have a show with the most extreme/dangerous airports to land in and this one is at the top of the list, just slightly in front of the one in Tibet landing in front of mt. Everest.

  • Cristian Baeza Mesia via Facebook

    It is insane lol

  • Glenda Diane McPherson via Facebook

    Who wants to be blasted with jet fuel exhaust? :-0

  • Jenny Seals via Facebook


  • Pierre-Yves Montpetit via Facebook

    been there, done that

  • Edwards Jr


  • Wonder Bird via Facebook

    Safe enough for people who knows what’s going on. Hey what was that thing Darwin said about those who make it and those who don’t?

  • Frans Ootjers via Facebook

    Saint Martin is officially a community of the Netherlands. Clearly, the strickt regulation doesn’t count for this island.

  • Jennifer McCready Wallace via Facebook


  • Euro Annis via Facebook

    I was there.

  • Justine Smith via Facebook

    I’ve been on this exact beach spot on vacation a couple times….I don’t know what to say about it. Even when you fly in, everyone on board gasps as they look out the window upon descending. I suppose it is very dangerous but people don’t seem to mind…actually te runway in St. Maarten is also very short.

  • Anonymous

    Hilarious. Head hit right on the concrete – maybe knocked some sense into the silly cow?

  • Deborah Saunders via Facebook

    places NOT to go on holiday

  • Emanuela Morelli via Facebook

    L’ho visto anch’io: incredibile

  • Amber Lara

    This is awesome! But a lil bit scary..

  • Duhhhhh

    and the Darwin Award winner is….

  • Ruxin Zhong

    Incredible.I wish I could be there one day…