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Before and After Portraits Reveal the Effects of Time and Aging

As we grow old, we don’t even notice all the small changes that happen to us daily. In her portrait series called Identities, London-based photographer Ana Oliveira observes how people change as they grow older. Ana’s models would provide her with pictures of themselves from the past, and she tries to recreate the original pose, clothing and style. The final combination of the before and now shots are somewhat of a road map of the life that each of the models has traveled.

Some of the diptychs capture the time span as long as 60 years, and it’s interesting to see in what ways the person has changed over the years. The portraits give you an amazing sensation of looking at a person that seems to have completely changed, and yet is still the same. Must be true that it’s yours eyes that will always stay young!

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  • John Francis William Apted via Facebook

    These pictures really do tell a thousand words.

  • Anna Stępień via Facebook

    Be Prepared,but not afraid

  • Lise Regnier via Facebook

    c’est marrant, il semblerait que le nez et les oreilles ne cessent de grandir!

  • Deepak Namdeo via Facebook

    impressive work..

  • Kerry MotorBike Rides via Facebook

    heres one for Trish Semple to have a go at

  • Michele

    Most of those images of the people when they were younger have been retouched. It was quite normal for portrait images to be retouched. A lot of wrinkles and lines have been removed, making skin look smoother and less lined.

  • Michele Taylor via Facebook

    Most of the images of the people, when they were younger, have been retouched to remove wrinkles, reduce lines and smooth out skin. This was quite common practice for people’s portraits in years gone by – more so than today, but it still happens.

  • Deb Perry via Facebook

    Well…now I’m completely depressed…

  • Trish Semple via Facebook

    Love it! Shouldn’t be depressed! Beauty isn’t on the outside! Beauty cones from within and your wrinkles and face lines are just the map you create through life! :-)

  • Bebe O’Really via Facebook

    Amazing work

  • Kate Meredith via Facebook

    Really interesting, thanks for sharing.

  • Marion Chevreul via Facebook

    et bah on n’est pas dans la merde !!!!!!!!!!

  • Julie Walls via Facebook

    very interesting.

  • Linda Nelson Whitman via Facebook

    The young people could be anybody, but the elder photos have real character. I get a sense of how life has treated each – some with more happy lines in their faces, some with more of a worried look. Makes one think about how to live life a bit.

  • Patricia Helmuth via Facebook


  • Sandi Wilson via Facebook

    OK I’m officially scared–where’s the brown bag?

  • Alexander Krastev via Facebook

    that’s so depressing I’m not going to even click on it

  • Belinda Hanson via Facebook

    It tells a story. I very much enjoyed it.

  • Jason Crouch via Facebook

    Every reason to use and get in front of a camera. Great stuff. :-)

  • Tomeq Maciejewski via Facebook

    time sucks :(

  • Anne Parkinson via Facebook

    Darn – I’ve absolutely never seen anyone get younger. I guess this aging thing is for real. Better start lovin’ it cos there’s no other choice.

  • Bridget Mae via Facebook

    This is so cool!

  • Adam Majorosi via Facebook

    Interessant, dass sich bei den meisten die Mundwinkel nach unten neigen…

  • Andrea Reed

    I like a face that has a lived-in look. Aging isn’t terrifying or ugly, it’s just time.