American visual artist Mike Leavitt is a huge movie fan. To honor his favourite directors, Mike carved 16 wooden figures. However, their shapes are rather unusual, because the artist merged famous movie makers with iconic characters from their films.

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"Great film directors get cut up," Mike explains on his website. "They take pains with the details, story, money and sacrifices to their vision. Their body succumbs to the pressure."

All figures are 1:4 in scale, and 18 inches tall or wide, sculpted from scratch in wood and polymer clay. "Art and film treat my pain. They're magic. They trick me into remembering why this world is so damn beautiful," Mike adds.

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#2 Tim Burton

Tim Burton

Mike Leavitt Report

Pam Tafarella 9 months ago

i need to own this

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#3 George Lucas

George Lucas

Mike Leavitt Report

Arno Franz 9 months ago

his triple chin fits perfectly to jabba

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#8 James Cameron

James Cameron

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Master Markus 9 months ago

This is the best one. Sexy Na'vi cyborg James Cameron.

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#9 Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese

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Kjorn 9 months ago

damn he looks like Woody allen

#10 Woody Allen

Woody Allen

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Justin Kenney 9 months ago

Where is Ridley Scott? that dude made so many more iconic movies than Lucas.

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