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Hilarious Zoo Portraits by Yago Partal

Barcelona-based photographer Yago Partal created a hilarious photo series called ‘Zoo Portraits’ showing various animals dressed like humans. At a first glance, the pictures look simply funny and amusing, but when you look closer the pairings start to make much more sense.

For example, a photo of a fierce rhinoceros in a tutu would look downright ridiculous – yet in Yago’s portrait he’s wearing a black leather jacket, which definitely compliments the character. Then you have a grizzly bear wearing a cozy knitted sweater – because what else would you were up north? – but surely there’s a reason it’s decorated with dangerously-looking skulls. A goofy-looking ostrich, on the other hand, couldn’t have made a better scarfed hipster with a hat. No offense!

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  • Matte Wagner via Facebook

    Mine is better! ;oP

  • Bored Panda via Facebook

    doesn’t change the fact that you’re a raccoon!

  • Jane Harvey via Facebook

    I love the sloth!

  • Matte Wagner via Facebook


  • Mateus Ploch via Facebook

    my 3 y/o daughter will love you!

  • Sandra Matear via Facebook

    love it!

  • Jędrzej Gaj via Facebook


  • Joey Acedia via Facebook

    German rapper cro! ;)

  • Googliana DBaf via Facebook

    En q momento te fotografearon Diedge Bejalc?

  • Anonymous

    Like the photographs you take for your passport and driver’s license :P

  • Pedrokata

    Lots of great pics series…

  • jellysharks

    Love the pig!! :-)

Author:   Date posted: Mar 29th, 2013
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