Thanks to Don Fisher, a Spain-based online shop that creates fish accessories, you can now carry around a fish wherever you go while making a fashion statement at the same time!

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Don Fisher creates quirky fish-shaped purses, cases, key chains, and bags. Featuring everything from turtles to clownfish to sharks to sardines - every single one of his creations is both handmade and extremely charming. Plus, the bags even have boney insides! How cool is that?! You can buy these awesome fish purses on Etsy.

More info: Etsy (h/t: sosuperawesome)

#1 Mussel Purse

Mussel Purse

DonFisherShop Report

Cathy Shift 3 months ago

this is my favorite. so simple. so fun.

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#3 Whale Bag

Whale Bag

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Timothy D. 3 months ago

but... whales aren't fish. Whatever, its still cool!

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#5 Tuna Bag

Tuna Bag

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Maureen Heartwood 2 months ago

If you can't carry a tune, you can still carry this tuna.

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#6 King Salmon Tote Bag

King Salmon Tote Bag

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Eliza 2 months ago

I love how the makeup matches the actual bag.

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#7 Turtle Case

Turtle Case

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Kaitlyn DSOUZA 2 months ago

ohhh although not a fish its my faveeeee

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