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Artist Makes Everyday Objects Completely Unusable

Switzerland-born Italian artist Giuseppe Colarusso has a strange fetish for making everyday objects totally unusable. Each of the objects in Colarusso’s pictures are strange, and more than being useless, they would even cause you problems if applied in everyday life: from Egyptian hieroglyphs on a keyboard to a square rolling-pin, or an ordinary hammer with an electrical plug to a table tennis racket with a whole in the middle.

It sometimes takes time to understand what you’re seeing and what’s the catch, and that way every pictures becomes a bit of a puzzle to solve.

“With these images I try to smile and think,” says Colarusso. Looks like his imagination is way out of the box!

Website: (via ufunk)

..Or Extremely Useful Like This All-in-one Spray Can

Or These Coffee Cans

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  • Toba Dehpoor via Facebook


  • Dennis Gomez via Facebook


  • Anna Christin via Facebook

    some are still usable :))

  • Nika Carlier via Facebook

    Great job :)

  • Marcin Ignaczak via Facebook


  • Eros Suà via Facebook


  • Amanda Young via Facebook

    i could still drink that beer!

    • angela

      use straw!:)

  • Michelle Wright via Facebook

    very good like the rolling pin lol

  • Kathie Hoblitzell via Facebook


  • Gianhi Tran via Facebook

    not really used to think like that but good creativity exercises

  • Hope Decker via Facebook

    Can someone explain the iron?

  • Rob Bouwman via Facebook

    Jasper Bouwman, hier staat een uitvinding van jou tussen!

  • Michael Rudolf via Facebook

    @Hope Decker: The iron has a cheese grater on its surface.

  • Gary Martin via Facebook

    the toothpaste?

  • Rudrani DeviDas via Facebook

    It’s the surface of the iron (not smooth). Someone below has answered saying it’s a cheese-grater surface. I am stuck on the above image; are those pills in a coffin-shaped card? What is that about? Someone please explain. :)

  • Gary Martin via Facebook

    it’s the shape of a human, legs, arms at the side. in a coffin. not exactly ruining the use use of it but taking the effect from it if there used i suppose

  • Tom Threadgill via Facebook

    Very Chema Madoz

  • Kate Jennings via Facebook

    Yeah, I don’t understand the toothbrush/paste picture? This artwork is funny and creative. Kind of sarcastic… the best kind of funny!

  • Big Jule

    The spotless dice thing looks likt from Guys and Dolls

  • Hope Decker via Facebook


  • Mary Davies via Facebook

    I think the toothpaste one is a plate of candies essentially negating bothering to care for your teeth.

    • you’re dumb

      the toothpaste is made into candy; just putting candy on a plate next to toothpaste is not art. turning the paste into something that looks like the opposite of what it is in reality…that is art

  • Dustin Wagner via Facebook

    Its birth control pills I thought. Put them in the shape of a coffin and you have a contradiction.

  • Verna Colleen Ellis Noddin via Facebook


  • Jeanne Delannoy via Facebook

    j’aime Jeanne Delannoy

  • Paul Sargent Illustration via Facebook

    lol, ‘create a useless object’ was one of the briefs we had in 1st year taster graphic design course at norwich

  • Lamb Lorraine Middlemiss

    so kol this is my type of interest to make ppl think

  • Ethel Yarwood via Facebook
  • Monika Tkáčová via Facebook

    the best !! :D

  • Hafsa Aftab via Facebook

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  • Zoran Lj. Petrovic via Facebook


  • nic

    theirs some very clever and really cool things here but some that are just stupid

  • Amber Lara

    Nice! Thanks for sharing!

  • Mesarim Vaher via Facebook

    The iron have a Parmesan grate over the flat surface area ?

  • Ad

    I want that keyboard, the beer glass would be fun and those coffee cans would sell!! I hope this guy doesn’t get paid to do this rubbish mind.. not really art is it.

  • cock face

    i think that spray can idea was great

  • Luiz Felipe

    Keyboard without gliphs or with strange gliphs it not useless, i dont need gliphs.

  • Ashley Seuser

    Love the coffee cans lol. But I could still use several of the unusable ones….

  • stib

    The sliders on the paint can should be CMYK not RGB.

    • Anonymous

      They’re CMY, and if you slide all three to 100% you get K. Brilliant! I mean, as long as it magically sprayed a grid of perfectly sized dots with proper screening angles…

  • Arlo Sween

    To all of these: challenge accepted!

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