When done right, a good packaging design can be as good as or even better than the product it's for. In this list, we've gathered some of the best packaging designs we've ever seen, and we invite you to add your favorites, too!

Unlike our packaging fail list, this list shows what can happen when you've got a brilliant packaging designer. A brilliant design will often consider aesthetics, branding, safety, and even re-usability – some of these product packages can themselves serve as useful objects or as memorable marketing tools.

Make sure to vote for your favorite packages and add the best you've ever seen!

#2 Parmesan Pencils

Parmesan Pencils Parmesan Pencils


AnkitaSheth 1 year ago

This is mind blowing really awesome

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#3 Trident Gum

Trident Gum Trident Gum

Hani Douaji Report

EmaSklepic 1 year ago

lol it must send the opposite message once u take a few gum from the packaging ;D

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#4 Butterfly Tea

Butterfly Tea Butterfly Tea


AdèleMiron 1 year ago

Absolutely adorable !!!!

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#5 Sugar Puzzle

Sugar Puzzle


SebastiaanKam 1 year ago

Easily (dis)solved!

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#6 Cupcakes In The Oven

Cupcakes In The Oven

teendiy.blogspot.com Report

NicholeNikoliovich 1 year ago

I'd buy the cupcake just for the box, instead of the other way around.

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#9 Tea Hangers

Tea Hangers


TempestRitter 2 months ago

For your tea shirts.

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#14 Fit Buns High Protein: Bread

Fit Buns High Protein: Bread


ShanquaFinney 1 year ago

I was thinking the wrong buns.

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#15 Fruits Toilet Paper

Fruits Toilet Paper Fruits Toilet Paper

Latona Marketng Inc. Report

KarinShepherd-Buchanan 1 year ago

Maybe seashell design or something other than food, but cool concept.

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#17 Note Headphones

Note Headphones

Corinne Pant Report

RitaLaurente 8 months ago


#18 Bla-bla Cookies

Bla-bla Cookies

Oksana Paley, Adeliya Koldarova, Zaira Panaeva, Daria Sapozhnikova Report

JoyceBrazel 1 year ago

Bla Bla makes them sound boring and unappetizing.

#19 Nyc Spaghetti

Nyc Spaghetti

Alex Creamer Report

RitaLaurente 8 months ago

Id buy this as a homage to my fave city

#20 Creative Japanese Pastry Packaging

Creative Japanese Pastry Packaging

unknown Report

MarianneChrysanthou 1 year ago

great concept ..revolting looking pastry

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