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15 Cool And Unusual Magnets For Your Fridge

Did you know that the first refrigerator magnet patent was obtained by William Zimmerman of St. Louis, Missouri, only in the early 1970s’ [1] Zimmerman patented the idea of small, colored, cartoon magnets to be used for decorative display and convenience. Not so much time ago, nobody even knew such thing, and now it can be found in everyone’s home!

Used to post items or simply as decoration, refrigerator magnets come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and are popular among collectors – for example Louise J. Greenfarb of Henderson, Nevada, has over 32,000 different refrigerator magnets!

Refrigerator magnets are also useful in an advertising world. It is estimated that magnets are used on at least 80% of household refrigerators and most households view their fridge door over 40 times per day. Keep it in mind when planning your next ad campaign!

Now it’s time for some scrolling down through the list of Creative And Unusual Magnets For Your Fridge. Enjoy and don’t forget to comment!

1. Water Droplets

(Designer: Sangwoo Nam)

2. Bacon


3. Small Tree-buttons


4. Guitar Magnet Set


5. Shelves

(Designer: Henry Julier)

6. Rock Magnets

(Designer: Shaw Quan)

7. Hands


8. Photoshop Kit


9. iMagnets


10. Tetris

(Designer: unknown)

11. Wooden Magnets


12. Bottle Opener

(Designer: unknown)

13. LOL Magnetz


14. Leaves by Rochard Hutten


15. Calendar

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  • Libby

    Some of those look kind of awkward (like the long wood ones and the leaf ones), but I like the water droplets and rocks. :D

  • Carpenters and Joinery

    I need some photoshop magnets! They are by far the coolest magnets i have ever seen!

  • Mando distancia

    I love these magnets…does anybody has an idea where i can buy them?

  • Alphawolf2me

    I had a set of the word magnets, my kids would make stories on my fridge with them. I loved them and want more for my grand kids to play with.

  • grandis

    creative magnets, i like the Photoshop Kit very much

Author:   Date posted: Jul 15th, 2010
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