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20 Classroom Portraits From Around The World

English photographer Julian Germain traveled round the world, visiting countries from Yemen to Brazil to take every-day classroom pictures without telling the children to pose or adopt any certain mood. These pictures may not look as impressive one by one, but when you go through the whole album, the cultural and social differences strikingly reveal on children and their environment.

Julian took his first classroom pictures not long after his daughter started school, and originally never intended for this to become a long-term project. Eventually he would take a class picture in all countries he visited. Regardless of the age or social background of the pupils, Julian used a universal set up for every class he went to. The photographer placed his camera at the eye level of the teacher (who would never be present in the picture), and would only have a few minutes of kids’ concentration to do his work.

All these classroom portraits were then put together in his album titled Classroom Portraits, 2004-2012.


England, Erith, Year 10, English

Qatar, Grade 10, Religion

Argentina, Buenos Aires, San Fernando, Year 3 Secondary

Peru, Cusco, Primary Grade 4, Mathematics

Holland, Drouwenermond, Primary Year 5, 6, 7 & 8, History

Nigeria, Kano, Ooron Dutse, Senior Islamic Secondary Level 2, Social Studies

Saudi Arabia, Dammam, Kindergarden, Activities

Qatar, Grade 8, English

Brazil, Belo Horizonte, Series 6, Mathematics

Peru, Tiracanchi, Secondary Grade 2, Mathematics

England, Keighley, Year 6, History

Yemen, Sanaa, Secondary Year 2, English

USA, St Louis, Grade 4 & 5, Geography

Bahrain, Saar, Grade 11, Islamic

Tokyo, Japan, Grade 5, Classical Japanese

England, Bradford, Year 7, Art

Taiwan, Ruei Fang Township, Kindergarten, Art

Yemen, Manakha, Primary Year 2, Science Revision

Germany, Düsseldorf, Year 7, English

The Netherlands, Rotterdam, Secondary Group 3, Motor Mechanics

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  • Bored Panda via Facebook
  • Alex Loke via Facebook

    Bored Panda: you look filthy >.<"

  • noeflor

    I’m from Argentina and I feel shame about my country.

    • ro

      Im from Argentina and this I feel like they’ve searched for the worst picture they could have taken

      • Cristián Santamaría

        I agree, i don’t remeber my high school like dat.

        • noeflor

          Yo tampoco y eso que no terminé hace mucho. Pero bueno, parece que en general así estamos, esa es la imagen que le damos al mundo.

  • Darcy Noni via Facebook

    The kindergarten classes are so cute! I like the one with the puppy

  • Karra Fife via Facebook

    What strikes me isn’t the differences but the similarity’s.

  • NoctLightCloud

    England appears way too often :-/

  • español….

    shame dice….shame de españa que ni sale jajajaj estamos peor que vosotros!!!

    • noeflor

      Una lástima que no estén, seguramente su foto hubiese sido más descente que la nuestra. Saludos desde el otro lado del océano!

  • Arthur Astaquinta

    The should come to our country. It’s to devastating as a picture of our education system.

  • Jane McClements via Facebook

    Not a lot of laughs going on in Yemen then

  • Hap Hall via Facebook

    The male/female ratios speak volumes.


    Americans have geography?

  • Vikki Doneva via Facebook

    I love the 2-nd year primary school subject of revising science…Sounds like a sensible thing to do, no? (I am being sarcastic for these of you who can’t detect sarcasm.)

  • TheBrownEyedGirl

    and Tokyo gets a fancy smanzy room hahahaha

  • Jaz

    Brazil is my favourite image- represents diversity in culture, background and gender!

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