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Chickens’ Perfect Image Stabilization Showcased In Luxury Car Commercial

Anyone who has handled a chicken before has probably noticed their ability to keep their heads stock-still no matter how you move them. While scientists are still not 100 percent certain as to why chickens and other birds bob their heads when they walk and manage to keep them stable so well, most studies indicate that the birds use this technique for image stabilization, much like how we might move our eyes to compensate for the motion of our heads. Mercedes-Benz uses chickens in this advertisement to sell their vehicles‘ stable rides. However, because chickens don‘t exactly fly with Mercedes‘ luxury image, they are held with immaculate white gloves. Classy!

Source: Youtube (via thisiscolossal)

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  • Braňo Macko
  • Šiju Sisako

    weird :D

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  • Mattheüs Willemse

    I like a well cooked drumstick thanks. ;-)

  • Gabriela Bekalik-Szmigiel

    Great!!!! hahahah

  • Rosemary Heiman

    Makes me want to dance!

  • Bridged Hall


  • Agne Zubyte

    Haha, this is perfect!

  • Kathie Hoblitzell

    I never knew. Krys did you?

  • Brenda Wilson

    This makes me want some fried chicken while driving a Benz.

  • Emily Steele Cortez

    Makes me want to be a magician…. :)

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  • Mark C N Sullivan

    Amy Kane

  • Kathi Rheinbold

    Definitely a chicken.

  • Ida Abrego

    A chicken, of course <3

  • Ana Lavanda

    Marco Otávio lembrei de vc.

  • Genny Stirling

    chicken dance troop!

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  • Evan McMichael

    It makes me wann roll my “Cedes thru KFC for a 10pc.

  • Ralph Smith

    I love this!

  • Greg Smith


  • Kathie Hoblitzell


  • Miriam Chung-Babbitt

    Driving somewhere in the Mercedes for some chicken?

  • Wendy Austin

    Off to play with the chicken right now.