Twitter users are transforming their cats into Totoro, a wood spirit in the Japanese animated film My Neighbor Totoro. While initial designs used simple paper cut-outs glued to the cats' backs, @t_u_n_a_m_e_l_t has taken cat-modification to another level by using googly-eyes instead. The googly-eye upgrade photos have been retweeted over 12,000 times.

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Clever cat related projects continue to be popular in Japan. Photographing felines with anime-eyes recently had a viral moment, as did the famous "box maze" for cats. Dogs have received more attention in Taiwan, where they are being groomed to have geometrically-shaped heads.

More info: @rippy0916 (h/t: kotaku)


Totoro Cat

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JoyShi 1 year ago

such cute very cat much totoro

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Totoro Cat

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Totoro Cat Report

MaryCain 11 months ago

This cat's owner needs to figure out how to make the eyes at least appear to be the same size.


Totoro Cat

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Fred As Totoro


captaingrumpy 1 year ago

I don't understand the motive. Looks like a child's trick.

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Totoro Cat Report