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Cool Knitted Beard Hat with Detachable Beard

Can’t grow a beard? Your face gets painfully cold in the winter? Then Beardo beard hat is you answer!

Beardo beard hats are the brainchild of Jeff Phillips, a Canadian-born winter enthusiast who has a passion for snowboarding. Jeff has been chasing perfect powder runs all around the globe and came up with the first make-shift Beardo in Whistler, B.C while at the Blackcomb mountain summit, at 7th heaven.

Though the very first prototype was made using an old knit scarf and far from perfect, it has been severely refined (not thanks to Jeff’s horrible knitting skills!) to the innovative and fully patented design that you see today.

Available for $39.99 at

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    mmm… very interesting

  • order cigarettes

    mmm… very interesting

Author:   Date posted: Oct 21st, 2011
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