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35 Extremely Funny Graphs and Charts

Who could have ever thought that charts and graphs might have anything to do with fun?

At least not until creative Cheezburger guys launched a project called GraphJam few years ago. explains daily life, music, songs and pop culture in charts and graphs. Readers can even submit their own graphs based on their own experiences and observations.

According to its founders, GraphJam is the unholy love child of bored office workers, music and pop culture. The mash-up of graphs and music did not originate here, but their inspiration came from their friends at JamPhat.

Others say that GraphJam also might want to attribute the Something Awful forums, who did this originally (and from which some of the JamPhat images were taken).

No matter what, you’ll definitely laugh out loud at these 35 funniest graphs from GraphJam.

1. Use of time

(Image source: )

2. Avatar Costs

(Image source: )

3. Lady Gaga and Steak

(Image source: )

4. Computer Skills

(Image source: )

5. Californians

(Image source: )

6. Girlfriend

(Image source: )

7. Eh

(Image source: )

8. Che Guevara

(Image source: )

9. Pop Song

(Image source: )

10. Lady Gaga

(Image source: )

11. Bachelor’s Degree

(Image source: )

12. Left-Handed

(Image source: )

13. University Education

(Image source: )

14. A Zombie Apocalypse

(Image source: )

15. Miss Universe

(Image source: )

16. Twilight Budget

(Image source: )

17. Potential Partner

(Image source: )

18. Worst Thing in The World

(Image source: )

19. College

(Image source: )

20. Toasting

(Image source: )

21. Nickelback Shows

(Image source: )

22. Candies and Problems

(Image source: )

23. Music Downloading

(Image source: )

24. Who is this Guy

(Image source: )

25. New Jersey

(Image source: )

26. Homework

(Image source: )

27. Being a Father

(Image source: )

28. Nerd Love

(Image source: )

29. Girl Paradox

(Image source: )

30. Customer

(Image source: )

31. Michael Jackson

(Image source: )

32. Men Staying Up All Night

(Image source: )

33. Exams

(Image source: )

34. Marriage

(Image source: )

35. Atheism

Funny Graphs and Charts Part 2

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  • FreakSmack

    Che Guevara got F’d in the A by Fidel Castro

  • jeff

    Avatar cost breakdown should actually be a time-consumption breakdown, since it doesn’t really cost shit to write a script. But would agree much more time (4 yrs or so) was spent on the effects and not a whole lot on the screenplay.

  • Jay

    Extremely funny? They were pathetic.

  • d

    Ahhh I’d be the girlfriend of the dude of graph 6. But he’d probably not want me because I’m a normal woman and not a super hot elf model XD

  • laura

    The gay marriage one wasn’t funny at all, pricks.

  • Bukowski

    these sucked balls. F*ck you for tricking me with the word ” hilarious”

    Die slow prick

  • Alyssa

    Laura, how was the gay marriage one not funny? It made me laugh a little. I’m assuming that you believe it’s offensive, and I don’t think you totally understood the concept.

    The graph basically illustrated that the ONLY consequence of gay people marrying is, well, gay people getting married. It will not cause any cataclysmic events, and it won’t destroy families contrary to popular conservative beliefs.

  • Erik

    hillarious !!! great post !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dan

    You misspelled “Atheist”.

  • Holly

    Hilarious!! Loved it!

  • Egyptian Web Designer


  • phil

    hahha hilarious ..!!!! if u cant laugh at it ur a moron or a racist, sexist whatever IST u can think of cause u cant take a joke @5 i showed my gay friend that and he laughed his ass off./..maybe ur too dumb to realize the point . the picture is showing that all that will happen if gays marry is…gays marry and not all the other horrible stuff ppl say u ignorant child look at it again

  • free makeup

    Gaga is definitely silly in my personal view

  • Sonia

    I thought they were funny!!!! :)

  • Jake

    Funny!!! Laura says that the one about gay marriage wasn’t funny…. actually, i think it says: “Gay get maried, so what? there r no consequence…” Right??? Anyways, i like almost all of ‘em^^

  • Kvn

    The gay prank was so funny, and that’s real, it destroys families

  • Carolina

    My favourites are numbers 26 and 33.

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  • Koowie

     Haha.  I like number 5 and 6.

  • badger

    Made me laugh and smile. Love the gay marriage chart

  • bob


  • bob


  • bob


  • bob


  • bob


  • Random

    Omg the Californian chart is so true.

  • PW

    They forgot to include Gay Divorce.

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