April Wagner creates these beautiful glass pieces at her studio in Pontiac, MI. Each one is created using a traditional Venetian technique, called Zanfirico. This process was named by the Venetian dealer Antonio Sanquirico, who spurred its revival on the Italian island of Murano in the 1830s. Since then, the creation of zanfirico has seen a lasting resurgence.

Each of these zanfirico vessels is made with careful attention to detail and design

Each of the glass spirals, is called cane. And each one is created individually!

Here is the process of how veil cane is created at epiphany studios. ‘Veil’ Cane has a semi-transparent single color, whereas other types of cane display textured patterns

After the cane is made, it can be melted to clear glass to create vessels. This video shows how the cane is picked up!

Zanfirico vessels can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes

Different patterns and color combinations allow for endless creativity

Watch the entire process here!