The city is so nice they named it twice… New York, New York. Without a doubt, it is likely one of the most photographed cities in the world. Having said this, I wanted to capture New York City through a different perspective and what better way than through puddles. My name is Guido Gutierrez Ruiz and through my Instagram @guigurui, I like to capture images from different perspectives and only using only my smartphone; no tricks or Photoshop. I like to share that one does not need an expensive camera in order to take a nice picture.

It´s hard not to look up at all its jaw-dropping skyscrapers, however, looking down can also give you quite the view. Here are the parallel worlds of New York City I have captured.

If you haven’t been to Manhattan yet, it´s time to go! If you have already been, than it´s time to go back!

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The Flatiron Building

5th Avenue

The Chrysler Building


Central Park

The Empire State Building


The Chrysler Building

Lower Manhattan

Times Square

One World Trade Center

6th Avenue

The Oculus