What makes a good portrait? If you ask Vania, Amsterdam based artist that’s behind this amazing series of portraits, it’s all about the ability to transfer the personality of the person being drawn to the canvas. And, wow, is she doing a great job at that!

Every character Vania paints has a different, very distinctive personality. It’s difficult to imagine these are not real people. “In a way, they are real people. I paint them as real people, I imagine their passions, their personality, I create a style for them,” says Vania. “I guess, by the time the painting is finished, I am looking at a real person,” concludes the artist.

On Vania’s Instagram a new portrait has been popping up every week. And the variety of characters is amazing! From people just checking their phones, to charming guys and girls you’d love to meet in real life, animal lovers, plant lovers, readers, wine-drinkers… There doesn’t seem to be an end to the many personalities Vania is creating. “Living in a city such as Amsterdam is a significant part of what inspires me. This is a freedom loving city full of people who express their distinctive personalities freely with pride and joy. I just try to take it all in and transfer that feeling on to the portraits,” says Vania.

Follow Vania’s work on Instagram as she prepares her first collection of portraits for print.

More info: Instagram

Vania’s gallery of characters

This guy… I’m in love!

Tulips are lovely… but those eyes!

After-work booze

Wine lover

Wine Lover

Green and Blue

Coffee to go

Yes, Chef!

I bet she takes great photos!

Pride and Flowers

What’s with all the wine drinking, Vania?

The Crazy Cat Guy

Just checking my Instagram

Nice, she’s reading a book… and wine, again?!

Frenches are just adorable!