What do you like – coffee or tea? I’m a coffee lover and some time ago I thought what if I could try to make a coffee or tea set from… soap (yes, it’s one of my favorite hobbies as some of you may remember :) And I decided that such soap set could be a great gift – if someone get bored with it, he or she can put it in their bathroom and use for its intended purpose :) Very practical!

So it was the first time when I tried to make a silicone soap mold by myself. The hardest part was to find the right cup and a saucer, because most of porcelain teacups look very heavy, they were too big for a soap, or their shapes won’t look good and so on. Finally, I’ve found that ideal cup from English porcelain…! It’s very cute and it’s very pleasant to hold the real cup and its soap copy :) And the most funniest part is to fill these cups with drinks! Espresso, cappuccino, black and green tea – it’s possible to add any drink you want, because soap is a material that allows you to create almost everything!

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