I still remember the first doll I needle felted couple of years ago and it looked scary. It’s funny to remember my first attempts to make a doll that would look like a real doll. The second one was so much better than the first one, so when I was asked by my daughter’s preschool teacher to make a doll for their puppet play I’ve decided to give myself a try. I’ve had to make a personage from a fairy tale and I did the best I could. I worked on it about a week or even more. Her head was chopped and put back again twice during that time. I survived all the pains of creativity while making this doll and the result was satisfying. It even looked like a real doll and everyone was happy with my work. That was a day of my triumph and beginning of my passion and deep love for Fiber Art and Needle Felting.

From that day, I tried to devote all my free time to my favorite hobby and over time, as I gained experience and pumped my skills my favorite hobby became a favorite work.

Here are some of my creations.


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Very talented and passionate musicians

Singer and her Guitarist

He plays saxophone as God

And he’s handsome

From any perspective

Guitar man is a master of sound

The Piano Man is a real gentleman

These guys are married but their marriage is still as strong as on the first day

Don’t you see their passion to each other?

Love is in the air

And talking about love birds… Here are a couple of owls

Fancy little Fox

And a Fat Sly Cat