I got the inspiration for these blush sly folks from the people I walked by when window shopping in french style cafés in Istanbul. Their dual nature in every dimension fascinates me: they are both cool and wannabes, intellectual and superficial, they have a chic, but out of date fashion sense. The most common attribute that all the women share is that they all have compartmentalized their consciousness: one part is heavily living at the moment while the remaining core is living an alternative life deep inside them.

I live in Istanbul and work as an editor at a website called bigumigu.com and as a free-lance designer. Apart from constant writing, I try to squeeze in types of art work in my life. I do doodles, paintings, cross stitches, calligraphic scratches and clay sculptures. I also like to share my stuff in social media and just love to have comments which I think help me to constantly regenerate my style and strengthen my hunger to create.

I previously posted here my doodles on paper. I wanted to use similar patters with different reflection of emotions, on porcelain plates. Roughly it takes 20 mins to an hour to finish my drawing on a plate. I use porcelain pens and put them in oven for 20 mins after I am done. It fixes colors and makes the plates washable.

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