For more than two years, I have been doing portrait photography, going around the world with my backpack and my camera. In this journey, I photograph beautiful women surrounded by their environment. My travel photo project is called “The Atlas Of Beauty” and is about our beautiful world’s diversity shown through portraits of women. My last destination was a special one: North Korea.

North Korean women are not familiar with global trends, but this doesn’t mean that they are not preoccupied with their looks. They are, definitely!

The women of the Hermit Kingdom have a passion for high heels and usually wear classic outfits, always accompanied by a pin, on the chest, representing one of the country’s leaders. During celebrations and other special occasions, they wear traditional colorful outfits.

My goal is to continue and take photos of the beauty around the world, showing that our charm is in our differences.

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She was working in a hotel in Sinuiju

Uniforms are very common in North Korea

One of the wide boulevards of Pyongyang

Library in Pyongyang

A singer before her show, in Sinuiju

Bicycles are the most popular vehicle

She was working in a train

On the streets of Wonsan City

A waitress in Pyongyang

Subway station in Pyongyang

Textile factory in Pyongyang

During celebration or other special occasions women wear traditional outfits

Fishing is very popular in Wonsan

People wear pins with the two former great leaders

During the National Day huge mass dances are organized in big cities

Student in Pyongyang

In Sinuiju, a city bordering China

Umbrellas are popular for sun blocking

She was working in a hotel in Sinuiju

Playing instruments is a popular activity

Gates of Koryo Museum in Kaesong