I’m an artist from Poland, inspired by Street Art and Aztec Art. Grey background with some white and black splatters is very typical for me. I do almost every composition on backgrounds like this, then I add some really intensive colors. I like to use fruity paints and also metallics like gold and silver.

Here You can see some of my works and how I painted my acrylic horse, first time on the natural linen canvas – “Stopover” 80 x 100 cm, 2017.

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“Global warming”

“Global warming” as humorous treatment of that problem.
Canvas 60 x 60 cm, 2017.
Acrylic paint.


“Awakening” 2017.
Acrylic paint.
Canvas 90 x 110 cm.

“Stopover” Time-Lapse Acrylic Speed Painting by Monika Mrowiec


“Stopover” 2017.
Acrylic paint.
Canvas 80 x 100 cm.


“Dissolve” 2016.
Acrylic & spray paint.
Canvas 120 x 80 cm.


“Tittle-tattle” 2017.
Acrylic & spray paint.
Canvas 110 x 110 cm.

“Perfect swimmer”

“Perfect swimmer” 2017.
Acrylic paint.
Canvas 60 x 130 cm.

“Perfect couple”

“Perfect couple” 2015.
Acrylic paint.
Canvas 130 x 90 cm.

“Tropical snappy dresser”

“Tropical snappy dresser” 2017.
Acrylic paint.
Canvas 90 x 130 cm.