As a millennial, I was once obsessed with Pokémon. I have some exciting news for my Pokémon obsessed, millennial friends: there is something new to obsess over and it is called “Modern Life of the Immortals”. Are you excited yet? Was the epic title not enough to spark your interest? Well, if so, don’t worry, I’ll explain.

“Modern Life of the Immortals”, or MLTI, is an intense fantasy based webcomic. It is also a web novel. Basically, it is so creative that there is a lot of flexibility. Today, Pokémon has even made a huge comeback thanks to Pokémon GO game since its release last year. “Modern Life of the Immortals” could easily become a game, too. It could also develop a TV show or an animated film, and it may get there soon. It is rising in popularity in China, where it was made.

The mysteries involved in ancient settings is suspenseful bliss. What makes MLTI even better, is that the ancient Immortals are in a modern age. The contrast is almost hilarious. There is a lot to figure out in our modern world, considering technology alone. This adds some comedy to the plot.

Need another reason why The Immortals are cooler than Pokémon? Get ready to have your mind blown: The Immortals are gender-forward. That’s right, kids, the fight for gender equality has a new player. Most of The Immortals are hermaphrodites, meaning: both male and female. It’s an either/or kind of scenario. Most of them are gay but aren’t labeled that way. The story and the characters are not defined by their gender or sexual orientation in any way. They love who they love and they are who they are. The writing style and story focus have created an entirely new modern world where these types of labels don’t really matter. Plus, when you are an all-powerful ancient being, you get to do whatever you want. There are no rules or boundaries. Unlike with Pokémon, who are practically slaves to their trainers sometimes. The Immortals are owned by no one. And, come on, you have to admit, they are freaking beautiful together.

So, there you have it. An entirely new series for you to obsess over. If you’re like me, you will immediately start binge reading “Modern Life of The Immortals”. You can see for yourself, that this is the start of something incredible.

More info:

Each character has a human form and an animal

I am currently obsessed with the character known as Zhu Yin. Zhu Yin is a super macho Immortal that has long beautiful hair and a tough deposition. Some of the animal forms of the Immortals are intense, but some are also just really cute, which I love. The animal forms can be compared to Pokémon in many ways. They are animal-like, but they are not pets. They are more like respected omniscient ancient beings.

The fact that these characters have both animal forms and human forms gives them more depth than Pokémon

The characters have thoughts and feelings that they can express. They can also interact in ways that Pokémon cannot. Some are friends, some are enemies, but all of them have super cool powers. They aren’t as limited as Pokémon in this way. Some of their abilities are very mysterious and are revealed only at the right moment.


A character that speaks with a lisp. Reading his lines just makes me giggle a little too much.

Zhu Yin is spunky and sarcastic

I don’t know about you, but when characters have a little attitude, I can’t get enough of it! Maybe that is because I am incapable of executing sarcasm, hah! You always like what you aren’t, right? Or, something like that.

Parrot has a very short fuse and is easily flustered


On Danyuan Mountain lives a hermaphrodite creature with long hair that people call “Lei” It is the Chinese version of Dr.Jerkyll and Mr. Hyde


Chongwu Mountain is home to a kind of duck that is called “Manman”. A Manman only has one wing and one eye, so two manmans must pair together to fly. Legend has it that seeing the manman is a sign that a flood is coming.