The rail franchise in South East England is up for renewal, and the powers that we have told prospective bidders that they can get rid of the service between London and the county town of Kent, Maidstone. A move that has left thousands of commuters wondering how the hell they are going to get to work in the future. Not to mention Kent’s other fine custodians and businesses who kind of need a reliable, quick link into the city.

It’s a bizarre decision that confounds a whole lot of logic. And it’s only right that the authorities know they’re cocking up before they actually go through with it.

Which is why we came up with Stupid Ways to Work.

Created by me (I’m Jon) and illustrated by Cristina Guitian, Stupid Ways to Work seeks to reflect the illogicality of the decision by imagining the lengths us Kent residents may have to go to get to our own Capital city from next year.

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A giant wheel rotated by assorted feet

Bespoke carriages that are flung through the sky