I wasn’t unfulfilled. I was never bored. I wasn’t looking at a dead end.

So why did I do it?

Why did I ditch a perfectly good career in journalism to do a complete 180 and dive headfirst into a venture that many believe is likely to fail? Getting a foot on the ladder in journalism is no mean feat. I had put in the legwork and was really starting to see the results. But once that seed is planted, it’s incredibly difficult to stop it from growing.

I wanted to reach out, kick the Blarney Stone kissing, Leprechaun chasing image of Irish tourism back to cliché ridden hell and show visitors just how special Ireland can be.

And, if there’s ever a day where I begin to doubt myself and the reasons for abandoning a perfectly good career, these images of Connemara in the west of Ireland always serve as the perfect reminder.

More info: yourwayireland.com

Pine Island

Kylemore Abbey

Autumn Approaching

The Weather Takes Its Toll

A Perfect Mirror

Grow Any Way You Can

The Clouds You Want To See

Derryclare Lough

Killary Fjord

Twelve Bens