It’s 2018. Dogs have more followers than you and some have bigger wardrobes too. Once you’ve come to terms with this fact, it shouldn’t surprize you that some of the world’s biggest celebrities are often caught wearing the same thing as man’s best friend.

Iggy Joey an Italian Greyhound and self proclaimed Fashion Icon, struggles with being original in a world full of celebrity copycats. Who wore it better? You decide!

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Who runs the world: Beyonce or Iggy Joey?

Queen B and J both pull off the pale blue look, but our vote goes to Iggy Joey on this one, the pearls really take this to another level.

The President of the United States 2020: Yeezy or Iggy?

Iggy Joey and Kanye have equal swagger here, this is a tough call. But Iggy Joey wins because, she’s a dog.

Joey or Johnny?

Hands down these two are twins.

Justin Beiber or Iggy Joey?

I legit can’t see a difference here.

Which dame looks better in frames? Meryl or Iggy Joey?

The doggie wears prada or is it pawda? We actually can’t tell who is who in this pic? Is this a joke?

Wrecking ball or Tennis ball?

Surprising neither of these two have their unusually long tongues out in a picture for a change! Again this outfit suits both ladies body shapes perfectly. If you can twerk it out let us know!

Queen of England or Queen of Small Sized Apartment?

You just can’t beat Queen Elizabeth. Sorry Iggy, but it will be over her dead body before you get the most prestigious crown and take your place on the headscarf throne.

Who broke the internet: Slim or Kim?

These two looks are almost identical. Which is your preference? North? North West?