There’s an LA based crew called TAYBLES looking to make cassettes part of the conversation again, and they’re doing it by blowing them up and making them a conversation piece for your living room.

The three guys have been building custom cassette tape coffee tables for 5+ years. They are calling their newest model the THE B-SIDE. (Get it?) They launched a Kickstarter campaign selling them for $250 to fund their newest design’s production run and were funded in less than 72 hours!

The table is an over-sized replica of the classic cassette and everything is made to scale (10.5 to 1) all the way down to the tabs on the side of the table. It’s got stainless steel cup-holders, a hidden shelf on the front of the table, retro hairpin legs and a dry erase label on the top of the table that allows unlimited mixes to be created!

The team is stoked to have met their goal but there are still 25 days left to get your own and be dropping some new jams in the living room by mid summer when they are delivered.

More info:

The Original Cassette Tape Coffee Table by TAYBLES

Put Your Feet Up on a Piece of History

The Table is going for $250 on Kickstarter

Currently Two Color Options – Classic Black & Retro Brown

Hidden Shelf for Storage

White Erase Top for Unlimited Mixes

Dogs even dig them.