Hi Pandas!

my name is Melanie, I’m a 20 half blood Italian / polish girl and I’m living in Warsaw (PL) now.

I love photography since I’m 14 y.o. but just the last year I buy my first amateur-professional camera – a Canon 1200D. And since the first hold, I fell in love :)

I photograph everything I think that it’s beautiful, I make architecture photos, close-ups, food pics, animals photos etc.

it’s my big passion and I hope one day I could improve my skills and take more, better picture.

I’d like to become a professional photographer one day, it’s my big dream

I have some shots of Italy, where I lived, and some of the village where my parents live, but most of my picture, has been shot in Warsaw

my photos are not treated

I hope you will enjoy my work! I put all my heart in those picture :)

More info: Instagram | Instagram

Shopping center Złote Tarasy

Church on Plac Zbawiciela

Photo taked in Łazienki Królewskie Park

one of the Warsaw’s old town church

Close-up cat face

Warsaw’s old town

little angel

Morskie Oko Park

Also The church on Plac Zbawiciela, but from another point :)

Rosberry leaves

Flowers in the hair :)