An illustrator with a sense of humor, Raj Kamal Aich, spends a lot of his time imagining things differently.

And he imagined well-known superheroes in a whole new light!

He imagined them as superheroes, who paid a visit to India and showed some love for cultures and superstitions of the country!

Wonder Woman

Tanned and gorgeous, Wonder Woman tries out a brand new look for her eyes and her hair!


In this image, he imagines Thor smoking a cheap, local variant of a cigarette- made of unprocessed tobacco and wrapped in a leaf!


With religious intolerance being the order of the day, it was obviously up to the Joker to ask the right question!


Mustachioed and macho, Batman in India is quite a sight to behold!


Donning face paint, Hulk gears up to play the peaceful priest and not a man of mass destruction!


Dear ol’ Spideyy shows some swag in a bright red turban!

Black Widow

Draping the saree around herself, the Black Widow translates her name in Hindi. Kaali when translated to English means Black and Vidhwa, widow!


Sporting a cap that is a regular sight on the streets of India, Flash takes up the responsibility to deliver goodies- at the speed of light!

Poison Ivy

Imitating a bashful bride from Bengal, Poison Ivy hides behind twin betel leaves- for good luck obviously!