Hiive, a new professional networking site for the creative community, has commissioned a series of revealing photographs designed to give users a glimpse into interesting and unusual creative job roles.

Working with portrait photographer Harry Mitchell, the series, titled ‘What’s in Your Top Drawer?’ asks industry professionals to open their top drawer and show the behind the scenes tools that have become indispensable in their day to day roles.

A series of insightful portraits and still lives showcases the inside workings of a cross-section of creative job roles, from publishing to jewellery, from journalism to fashion design. It aims to offer aspiring creatives an insight into the roles they most covet, or didn’t even know existed, the items are often surprising, and always beautiful, shot against bright colours with crisp shadowing to champion each individual item.

More info: hiive.co.uk

Maxwell Anderson – Publisher & Photographer

Focusing loupes are pretty expensive, so I blacked out my regular cheap loupe and use it as a focusing loupe.”

Holly Pressdee – Woven Textile Designer at Dashing Tweeds

You always need a calculator when you’re weaving. You have to think about weaving structures, warp calculations and patterns.

Lee Lapthorne – Creative Director at Doll & On|Off

There’s nothing better and more satisfying than striking off a model’s name with a sharpie once they’ve gone out on to the catwalk.”

Alex Hern – Technology Reporter at The Guardian

If they (interviewees) can see you writing notes, they’re more likely to speak in pronounced statements and less likely to be completely free and open.

Grant Armour – Producer & Director at VICE

A disposable is also great for catching people off guard and getting a more honest portrayal of their character.

James Withers – Creative Director at Venturethree

I use the GoPro with a drone, which is an amazing bit of kit that enables you to get certain angles or shots that you just couldn’t get before, at least without very expensive equipment.

Tessa Metcalfe – Jeweller

I make a lot of my own tools. I use grinding wheels to shape nails into tools as I often need odd tools for one-off jobs.

Tom Williams – Post Production Dialogue Editor at Hackenbacker

Some SFX editors will carry a portable zoom recorder everywhere they go to capture interesting atmospheres and effects.