People forgot to stop and really live a moment, at least for 5 seconds, to see it, to breath it, to become one with that particular moment.

This is actualy the reason we’ve initiated this project. We want for people to open their eyes and see how much can be done in only 5 seconds, how deeply they can feel everything within this period of time.

So, all these photos were exposed for exactly 5 seconds, with high ISO number for the camera to capture the unseen beauty of the night. Just imagine standing still for 5 seconds..

More info:

Once Upon A Time ( Budapest, Hungary )

Momentum ( Budapest, Hungary )

Lucky Falling Star ( Portimao, Portugal )

On our way to Milky Way ( Vaslui, Romania )

Great Expectations ( Cavarna, Bulgaria )

Love At First Sight ( Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna )

A Quarter Century ( Bucharest, Romania )

Hypnostars ( Beach Bolata, Bulgaria )