I love crossovers! And for this one, I combined two of my favorite fantasy worlds: Harry Potter and DBZ. I tried to figure which one of four Houses of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizary would be suitable for each DBZ character. 

Each house has its own values: Gryffindfor promotes bravery and Slytherin promotes ambition and power.. Of course, we cannot forget Hufflepuff, which dedicates to devotion and loyalty, and Ravenclaw which encourages cleverness and curiosity. 

Every character belongs to one philosophy and I tried to figure it out!

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Son Goku – Gryffindor

Beerus – Slytherin

Krillin – Hufflepuff

Whis – Ravenclaw

Videl – Gryffindor

#18 – Slytherin

Chaozu – Hufflepuff

Master Roshi – Ravenclaw

Trunks – Gryffindor

Cell – Slytherin

Buu – Hufflepuff

Bulma – Ravenclaw

Son Gohan – Gryffindor

Dabura – Slytherin

King Kai – Hufflepuff

ChiChi- Gryffindor

Piccolo – Ravenclaw

Vegeta – Slytherin