My name is Epiphanie, I’m a French photographer and my last series is a work about Synesthesia.

There are different types of Synaesthesia and the one that I focus on is Chormesthesia.

Chromesthesia in this work is represented by the mix of two senses, the sight and the hearing.

The idea of creating these pictures came from a portrait I wanted to take of a wonderful musician I met in Ireland.

A portrait would not have been enough to show what I felt when I listened to her playing the cello. So I decided to see if I could create a picture of her through the colors I heard while she played.

Also a landscape photographer, I decided to merge my love for landscapes and my love of people to create portraits matched with landscapes which reflect the musician the most.

I continue to work on this form of photography and aim to create one picture a month. I worked with the University College Dublin Symphony Orchestra in Ireland and have also worked with other wonderful musicians across Ireland.

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