As a photographer and vet student i always wanted to combine the 2. During a rabies vaccination program in the tribes of north Kenya, i tried to document as much as i could. The focus was to vaccinate as many dogs and cats. This is the result.

Arriving in Nairobi, the trafic was crazy. Stay Safe!

View from our hotel room in Nairobi

On our way to the first vaccination location

Since it the way was too long, we had to camp in the savana

Early morning view from my tent

This is how we had coffee

First rabbies vaccines in Olturot

Kids on their way to fetch water

The end of a long day

The samburu people don t waste anything when they slaughter an animal. Not even the blood. Our local guide said it was “Yummy”

I love to photograph at night, these donkeys kept us awake all night. They were in heat so there was a lot of running around

Our warehouse guarded by a Samburu warrior

This is what our hotel looked like

Samburu warriors guarding their livestock

And we go again

Samburu child coming home after a long they with the livestock in the savanna


Moran (Samburu warrior) showing me his pride

Samburu woman and her livestock

Just as we were about to leave, our driver gets a present from one of his aunts in the village. So he packs his present in a Tusker beer box which he ties carefully

In our next location we camped in our guides backyard and his wife cooked for us

We went to photograph the sunset

My feet, chilling in the sunset light

In the evening our girls transformed the canned food we purchased from Nairobi in delicious feasts

Our next location was very diffrent. Lake Turkana is a very dry place

However, this is how our camp site looked like at Lake Turkana

The Turkana rely mostly on fishing

People here seem more tough. Portrait of a Turkana girl

Portrait of a Turkana child

One of our vaccination sites. The crowd was very curious

This image is from another vaccination location. The geography was very diffrent. Here there were plenty of trees and fruits!

We tried to teach children in local schools about the diseases they should watch for

There were a lot of monkeys here, so i tried some camera traps. Basicly i left my camera on a tripod and covered it with bananas

Birds as well

Camp fire after a long day on Mount Nyiru

We did a bit of a safari as well

Elephants are cool

Lazy leopard

This is how a safari sunset looks like

And off we go, back to Europe