Last summer the city of Vilnius, Lithuania teamed up with private investors to renovate 19th century buildings and turn them into the biggest, most complex and vibrant startup ecosystem. Located in an actual park just outside Vilnius old town, Vilnius Tech Park is about to be officially opened this November.

Meanwhile, check out how historical buildings, some of which were not even suitable for use because of their condition, became modern, vibrant and creativity inducing space, uniting VC funds, accelerators, incubators, coworking space and startups of different levels under one roof.

Originally the premises were built in the park in 19th century

After 200 years, turning 9000+ sq. meters of rundown space to vibrant offices was a challenge

And we were happy to take it

We opened up the spaces, while keeping historical values intact

And turned to local craftsmen to create new things from the ones we found in the premises as a reminder that anything can be renewed and improved with some creativity

The rules have changed

700+ talented entrepreneurs can grow their business with help of infrastructure partners, located under the same roof

And induce their creativity with historical background

And modern perks

With a park of 80’000 sq m surrounding the premises, Vilnius Tech Park became a prime space for those wanting to stay outside the box