We were on our way to common sense when we realized that it’s a trap. Common sense, essentially, means a sense that is common and in trying to be commonly sensible, are we losing our individual sensibility?

We see examples of un-commonality rarely pass by as we stop for a moment. We asked a bunch of children to draw… and we saw how their lines on paper are all unique…. before they’re taught to aspire for straight lines. From there on, at every stage we kept stumbling upon examples of common cons. ‘Uncommon Sense’ is an attempt to break away from this straight commonality and go back to being uncommonly sensible.

Why be Common when you can be Sense-ible?

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Fruit to fizz

No genes, only jeans!

Only planks!

Fab to flat. Fab to fashion?

Luxury matchboxes

No more flying!

Bland impressions

One expression for all!

No more heights!

Children to……. adults